Professional window cleaners in South London

Expertcleaners Ltd. has become one of the South London leading, commercial and residential window cleaning contractors. Our window cleaning contracts range from Singles Family homes, small residential blocks, through to large commercial and office buildings in Central London & South London.

With the latest high level, reach and wash pole cleaning equipment, fully trained staff, committed management and an impeccable safety record, we guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any cleaning task. Please call to arrange a free quotation and on-site survey.

We Strive for Quality Control

We recognize the importance of the quality of our work and it is company policy to maintain the highest standards possible by implementing a strict standards for our work.  It is our policy and standard practice to have satisfied clients and that is why we get so much repeat business. We give the clients the opportunity to express any concerns and to make comments regarding our work.


Our website has been built to introduce our services to London locals who are looking for professional window cleaners and reasonable prices.   Most of our single family business has been by referral and we found that there is a lack of real professional window cleaning companies in London to handle individual single family homes.

Quite often we find that a group of neighbors get together and hire our company to handle a section or block of homes. We make special pricing accommodations for groups of three or more home in the same neighborhood.  We encourage you to contact us and find out how reasonable our services can be.   Once you do that we know you will be contacting your neighbors for our special group pricing.

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